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By Coco

“Top 10 Bricks Making Machine Companies in South Africa

If you are looking for Bricks Making Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers in South Africa, you are on the right place.

We here listed the Top 10 Bricks Making Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers in South Africa.

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1.Concrete World Brick Company SA

Address:9 Caresbee Rd, Mapleton, Boksburg, 1475, South Africa
Phone: +27871520320
Plus:M66R+6F Boksburg, South Africa
  • Concrete block machinery
  • Hollow block machine
  • Clay Brick Machine
  • AAC Block/Panel
  • Manual Block Machine

Top 10 Bricks Making Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers in South Africa

Established in 1931, we are the longest running manufacturer of quality concrete masonry in operation in Cape Town. With over 75 years of industry experience and a proven track record, we are the preferred masonry supplier to many of Cape Town’s leading developers and construction companies. We have two factories, located in Philippi and Blackheath, which allow us to effectively service all surrounding areas.

Our product range includes bricks, hollow maxis, solid maxis, blocks, retaining wall blocks. With a commitment to customer service and the highest quality products, you can rest assured that we will take care of all your masonry needs completely.


“They are my 1st choice because they set the standards for the industry and always strive for new & better ways to meet my needs. Nothing is ever too -much-trouble and they go the extra mile to resolve any issues that may arise. They are smart, friendly, highly efficient, very easy to deal with and the ‘ Cape Brick Promise’, underwrites their quality & value proposition, so I sleep easy. Oh, and by the way, I love their passion and I feel good about using their products – because they put their money where their mouth is when it comes to being genuinely “Green”.



2.Cape Brick – Philippi Sales Office

Address:Old Lansdowne Road &, Weltevreden Dr, Philippi, Cape Town, 7550, South Africa
Phone: +27216902020
Plus:XHQ5+QM Philippi, Cape Town, South Africa
  • AAC Block/Panel
  • Manual Block Machine
  • Moving Block Machine
  • Roof Tile

The Cape Brick Machines Company SA is the sole manufacturer of the Agram range sand/cement brick making plants. Included in our supply are installation, commissioning and training on site with an excellent after sales service to ensure that our clients are more than just satisfied with our products and services. The Brick Machines Company SA supply from DIY hand moulds, gantries, skip hoists, blocks and pavers per day. Also included in our supply are pan mixers from 200L up to 800L, 000 bricks, Egg-laying machines up to fully automatic brick manufacturing plants capable of producing up to 50, conveyors and aggregate/cement batching plants.
The Cape Brick Machines Company (Pty) Ltd, Has the full rights to the range of Agram Brick Machines And has started manufacturing a range of precision, high quality brick making plants which are supplied to clients both locally and abroad.



3.Brikor Limited

Address:1 Nigel Marievale Rd, Greater Nigel, Nigel, 1590, South Africa
Phone: +27117399000
Plus:JFGM+9C Nigel, South Africa
  • Clay Brick Making Machine
  • Cement Brick Making Machine
  • Interlocking Brick Making Machine
  • Automatic Fly Ash Brick Plant

Top 10 Bricks Making Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers in South Africa

In August 1994 Garnett Parkin senior formed Marievale Brickworks through which he and his son, Garnett van Niekerk Parkin built a brick factory that initially produced 15 million bricks per annum. PME was formed at the same time, acquiring a fleet of two trucks and three trailers responsible for farming operations, transportation of clay and coal, as well as the distribution of bricks. When Garnett Parkin senior passed away in 1996, Garnett van Niekerk Parkin acquired 100% of the entire issued share capital of both companies. Basfour (Pty) Limited was incorporated as a private company on 10 July 1998 and acquired factory land in Nigel. A second brick plant with a production capacity of 14 million bricks per annum was commissioned. Marievale Bamford was formed in November 1999. It purchased land and plant in Olifantsfontein where the group’s third brick plant, with a gas firing tunnel kiln with a production capacity of 16.7 million bricks per annum, was commissioned in March 2000. In 2000 PME acquired further land in Rayton to supply clay to the brick plant in Olifantsfontein. Basfour (Pty) Limited changed its name to Brikor (Pty) Ltd on 19 November 2001. All brick manufacturing and sales operations were consolidated into Brikor. Since 2001 coal underlying the clay deposits was commissioned, ensuring that the group became self sufficient from the supply of coal. On 18 May 2007 Brikor was converted to a public company. Brikor was listed on the AltX in August 2007. On Saturday, 17 January 2015, Garnett van Niekerk Parkin, CEO of Brikor tragically passed away in a motor car accident. Garnett’s legacy is continued through the appointment of his son, Garnett Parkin, as CEO and the loyal support of Brikor’s management and staff.



4.Apollo Brick (Pty) Ltd – Gauteng | Clay Brick Supplier | Gauteng

Address:Portion 63 of Farm Elandsfontein, Moonlight Rd, Olifantsfontein, Kempton Park, 1666, South Africa
Phone: +27118482000
Plus:28C6+F3 Kempton Park, South Africa
  • Concrete Block Machine
  • Cement Block Machine
  • Fly Ash Brick Machine
  • Interlocking Brick Machine
  • Solid Block Machine

Top 10 Bricks Making Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers in South Africa

From Manual machines to electric machines to hydraulic electric machines to full computer controlled m | brick block making machines conveyers crushers automation. We are a Pretoria based company specializing in the manufacture all brick and block making machines, pan mixers, chain conveyors, and equipment including gantries, wear plates and mould boxes.Apollo Machines is based in Pretoria, South Africa and has been manufacturing brick making machines since Our brick making machines are used in 14 countries throughout Africa as welt as St Helena island where two of our brick making machines were used to manufacture the bricks for the building of the ST Helena airport and hospital. Our brick and block making machines come In various sizes from small manual brick making machines to large



5.Corobrik (Lansdowne Sales Centre)

Address:1 Mahillon Road, Philippi, Springfield, Cape Town, 7780, South Africa
Phone: +27216910434
Plus:XGXM+M8 Philippi, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Fly Ash Brick Making Machine
  • interlocking brick machine
  • Nano Clay Brick Machine with Motor
  • Double Production Clay Brick Machine
  • Single Die Rotary Type Brick Machine

Top 10 Bricks Making Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers in South Africa

From small beginnings, Corobrik has evolved into the major South African manufacturer of masonry, paver and concrete earth retaining systems. With its head office in Durban and 15 factories around South Africa, Corobrik is geared to distribute in excess of five million products each day, and has a footprint in every major centre throughout South Africa.As South Africa’s leading clay brick and paving manufacturer with roots that go back to 1902, Corobrik’s product quality and performance attributes remain key to the company’s success.Product development is co-ordinated through Corobrik’s ISO-IEC 17025 SANAS accredited Testing Laboratory No. T 0158. All production facilities are operated in accordance with international best practice. Quality assurance programmes are formalised at each factory to ensure that all products comply with industry standard. Most Corobrik factories have ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems Certification with non-certified factories committed to achieving certification before July 2016.



6.Maleka Bricks

Address:8 Block N Industrial Site, Mabopane, 0190, South Africa
Phone: +27835778555
Plus:7MM3+6P Allanridge, South Africa
  • Interlocking Brick Making Machine
  • Automatic Fly Ash Brick Plant
  • Hydraulic Brick Making Machine

Top 10 Bricks Making Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers in South Africa

At Maleka Bricks and Block we pride ourselves in manufacturing quality building blocks. The construction of a building is an expensive process that can be long and complex. There are various construction methods that often have a negative impact on the environment. The use of cement blocks enables the builder or contractor to address many issues that are common with the use of traditional building materials. Building with concrete blocks offer many benefits. Review some of the advantages when using a variety of cement blocks.


7.Roma Bricks

Address:Farm Eenzaamheid, Balmoral, Emalahleni, 1037, South Africa
Phone: +27136802003
Plus:4X33+2J Balmoral, South Africa
  • Semi Automatic Fly Ash Brick Machine
  • Bricks Making Machine With Conveyor
  • Bricks Machine With Trolley
  • Hydraulic Brick Making Machine

Roma Bricks, previously trading as Tor Bricks, was established in Witbank in 1980. This brick manufacturing company is managed by a highly competent management team with collective experience of over 60 years in the brick-making industry. We at Roma Bricks pride ourselves on our dedication to producing high-end quality face bricks and unparalleled customer service. We are dedicated to excellence and manufacture a wide range of face bricks and semi-face bricks at our Emalahleni factory. We produce approximately 2 million bricks per month with a view to increasing production capacity in the future. Our production plant boasts over 280 employees and makes use of the traditional kiln method. Roma Bricks is dedicated to the up-liftment of the community and as such has a firm BEE policy in place and is actively involved in numerous community and empowerment initiatives. Our varied client base covers all sectors of the market, ranging from private home owners to large contractors, developers and architects. We service our clients throughout South Africa and aim to deliver our bricks within the shortest time frames possible to ensure the ultimate client satisfaction.



8.Benoni Brick Works

Address:13 Burnley St, Benoni South, Benoni, 1518, South Africa
Phone: +27605468383
Plus:Q8R3+QG Benoni, South Africa
  • Concrete Mixer
  • Bricks Making Machine
  • Block making machine
  • Solid Block Machine
  • Paver Block Making Machine

Top 10 Bricks Making Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers in South Africa

Benoni Brickworks ensures the highest quality construction materials. Our manufacturing services are offered to the Ekhuruleni North, East and South regions. Bricks are fired clay materials with the bonding agents of cement, sand and water. Benoni Brick Works utilises innovative techniques and technological advancements for impressive structures and infrastructure. Create a pristine impression for any building establishment with construction materials from Benoni Brick Works. Incorporate contemporary building aspects with construction materials ideas with either exposed, glazed or painted bricks. Enhance current infrastructural buildings with brick works that will create a pristine and professional finish. We realise the importance of high quality materials and we are SAB Standards certified. The compliance to these high quality standards ensures that we supply the best building bricks, cement paving bricks as well as building sand. Our construction materials and practice caters for various industries. All specifications relating to brick materials associate with brick floors and walls, cement paving and building sand components. Construction materials are vital for sturdy infrastructures for maximum durability. Benoni Brickworks will ensure the highest calibre of construction materials. We pride ourselves in creating beautiful brick facades and construction materials which shield from the elements and creates an effective noise buffer between buildings. Sustainability and longevity all form part of the quality performance we pride ourselves in. The construction field sees many applications that bricks and cement components plays a critical role. With Benoni Brickworks processes of brick works provides weather resistance, Building bricks- no maintenance required, temperature balance component, acoustic performance. Industry required, background emphasis, The high quality materials and processes Benoni Brick Works incorporates distinguish us as a reputable supplier of brick working. Our services transcend far beyond our clients expectations.




9.Boland Bricks

Address:Contactor Rd, Paarl, 7646, South Africa
Phone: +27218633150
Plus:6W6W+2P Paarl, South Africa
  • Nano Clay Brick Machine with Motor
  • Double Production Clay Brick Machine
  • Single Die Rotary Type Brick Machine

Top 10 Bricks Making Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers in South Africa

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer and supplier of quality clay bricks in the Western Cape. The company has been manufacturing quality clay bricks since 1960 and is situated in Paarl. Some of our sites include Paarl Mall, Cape Gate Shopping Center, Pearl Valley, Val de Vie and 3.2 million NFP’s to Brandvlei Prison The products we have to offer: NFP (Non-Facing Plaster)– Suitable for general building work that is to be plastered. NFX (Non-Facing Extra)– Suitable for use, plastered or unplastered, for general building work where durability rather than aesthetics is the key selection criteria. Overburns (FBA)– Contact for availabilty Halfbricks– Contact for availabilty Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation or any other information regarding our products and we do deliver.


10.Pro Brick and Block & Pavers

Address:Helene Ave, Blackheath, Cape Town, 7580, South Africa
Phone: +27219053362
Plus:2MRV+2V Blue Downs, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Manual brick making machine
  • Small brick making machine
  • Clay brick making machine with dryer
  • brick manufacturing plant cost

Top 10 Bricks Making Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers in South Africa

Pro Brick and Block was founded by Brian Summerton in 1989. He started small, and with hard work and determination developed Pro Brick and Block into what it is today. Operating from a 14 000m² property, we are capable of manufacturing about 10 000 tons of products per month. We strive to manufacture a good and consistent quality product according to SABS standards and to deliver a friendly and helpful service to our customers. We deliver in Cape Town and surrounding areas. Brian Summerton works hands-on with his team to personally ensure that every product has his stamp of approval and that a world-class standard is maintained.


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